Private Events

Private and Special Event Catering

We starts with Hor’s d’oeuvres pairing with wine or well drink, proceeding with creative menu for brunch, lunch or dinner and of course always ending with delighted desserts as Pavlova with fresh berries, lemon pie and more.

Thank you for a great dinner and for everything you do for Chabad. It is such a pleasure working with someone who is easy going and willing. Thanks for always giving of your time so happily and makes delicious food.

Chabbad of Northridge Eli and Tzippy Rivkin.

Daniel Cuisine brings refined culinary adventure to your catered event. With relentless pursuit of the finest, locally-produced, sustainable ingredients, accomplished chefs’ grasp of seasoning, and an approach to menu composition melding innovative quirks with classic restraint, we will give your event menu impeccable taste, style and finesse

  • Hand-crafted Food: Our items are made by professional chefs from high-quality ingredients. We cook and serve our food with passion!
  • Presentation: We sincerely believe that we all eat with our eyes first! We look at each plate and each piece of food as food art, or a culinary palate – something that must look as beautiful as it is delicious – You eat with your eyes first!
  • Locally Produced, High-Quality Ingredients: We shop the best Farmer’s Markets and source the most wonderful quality ingredients for each menu we prepare. That demand for quality shines through everything we produce – only the best.
  • Personal touch: Our chefs, staff and planners take great personal pride in making your event run perfectly. This starts with a custom menu to match your event and carries through to every large and small detail, allowing you to just focus on enjoying your party and guests.

Contact Daniel Cuisine for a complete catering consultation (323) 841-4923.

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